iWallet, Near Field Communications and Isis: The iPhone be your be-all.

One Step Closer to Reality: Apple’s iWallet Application

1b - Cover - ISIS - National Alliance for the iWallet - Nov 16,  2010
Apple’s leading trend in patent based research in 2010 was without a doubt concerning all things related to the use of Near Field Communications or NFC in all of Apple’s hardware. The iPhone will no doubt emerge as the most crucial device in Apple’s NFC ecosystem because it will serve as your future means of electronic payment. A trend that will allow your future iPhone to act as electronic currency, your credit card, your debit card, your electronic coupon and all the while acting as a means of holding electronic tickets for such things as concerts, air travel, bus or subway. Today, we’re one step closer to that reality with the formation of a National Mobile Commerce Network called ISIS, backed by AT&T and Verizon, Apple’s current wireless partners.   

via patentlyapple.com

I can’t believe that none of the bigger blogs have any of this on their radar. This is amazing stuff happening and is yet another game changer. Apple will be creating an iWallet to be used in lieu of plastic and it wil have location based ads with iAds, coupons, personalized loyalty. They bought Siri, the personal assistant app recently. This means the Dick Tracy video watch looks like Fred Flintstone’s sundial watch.

This may be the genius that is Apple. Yeah, opensource is great and I love Android (secretly rooting for it), but there’s something to be said about things “just working”.

Can’t wait to see this future Apple has in store for us.

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