Google Don’t Hurt Me!

Google+ is rolling out a new interface that replaces the black utility bar across the top of the page. In the video, it show how elegantly it cascades to reveal all of the different services that integrate into G+.

Lovely or Scary?

Well I decided to take inventory of all of the Google services I’m using and what it means to my privacy. Here’s what I came up with:

They know the names, emails and numbers of all of my contacts. They know every single correspondent to/from each and every one of them.

They know where I’m going to be and when

// Documents
They know the formulas for my estimating and the board minutes from my meetings

// Bookmarks
They know everything I find important enough to save

// Chrome
They know my entire web surfing history

// Maps
They know the routes I’ve taken

// YouTube
They know how many times I’ve viewed the cute kitten videos

// Picasa (only because of G+)
Now they’ll have my kids birthday pictures

// Latitude
Ok. I maybe checked in once. But chances are it will be integrated into the G+ experience

// Google Voice
They know the who and time every inbound and outbound calls and the transcript of every voice mail and text sent to my phone

// Reader
They know what I’m passionate about learning

// Music
They know what songs I listen to and which ones I love

// AdSense
They know the behaviors of the visitors to my wife’s site

// Analytics
The traffic of my site and nearly every one of my clients

// Google+
This is the glue. The master plan. They now know who my friends are and what circle I’d categorize them. Where I check in and when. What I like and what I love. I’m going to +1 my world.

// OH YEAH…and Search!
Every keyword I’ve ever searched



All of these services have enriched my life with their convenience and delight. But it’s shocking to retrospectively look back and take inventory of all I’ve paid for these free services. These bytes of my life are now terabytes of my existence. And people are worried about Facebook’s privacy policy?

I’m ok with the price I’m paying. I have nothing to hide or to be embarrassed about.

But darn it, Google…

……don’t you DARE hurt me!

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