The Original IBM “Think” Pad (no power needed)


A tradition started in the 1920’s, this was given out to IBM employees as a promotional gift to prospects and clients. It was the inspiration for the name of IBM’s “mobile computer” the ThinkPad.

It also puts and even more poignant meaning to Apple’s slogan of “Think Different” doesn’t it?

You know your old when you decide to delete an app last used in ’06 to connect to your Palm Pilot. #oldschool

Man. I thought I was SO cool when I got my Palm Pilot!  “Check this out…it’s a stylus”.  Went it went color! OMG!! I like…flipped out.  It’s amazing to think how quickly times have changed.  I’m sure 5 years from now I’ll be thinking…wow remember when we had to use our fingers to input into the iPhone?

Time is flying. Hug your children, call your mom and cherish your gadget until the next thing comes around.

Help us @mihai, you’re our only hope! #delicious to #GoogleBookmarks broken or blocked? @joshu any ideas?

Yahoo’s lame announcement of sunsetting Delicious has left the millions (just a guess) of users who have come to love it. Yes it had feature creep to no end, but heh, I just didn’t use them.  So I immediately googled alternatives and I decided I want to use Google Bookmarks.  For the life of me I can’t figure out how to import my lame *html* export of the bookmarks from Delicious into Google Bookmarks, and even if I did, I would lose all my meta data (tags) to organize them. SOOooo….Google search 2: I find this: ! AWESOME a Dilicious to Google Bookmarks importer.  PERFECT! And it’s by a Googler so you know it has to be good.  Then this:
NOOOooooOoooo.. Darn it anyway

Is it a bug fix? Server crash? Delicious blocking calls so they don’t have all usere bolt before they have a real exit strategy?  What ever it is, can you ask your buddy over in the Bookmark world to do something.

So if you’re reading this Mihai Parparita, please liberate the deliciousness that is held hostage in a purple tower of gloom. Help us Mihai Paparita, you’re our only hope.  Unless of course @joshu has a better idea then you’re off the hook.

All the best,

John / @acappellamedia