OH, so I CAN embed my Twitter avatar in a readable QR code! Really cool utility from design QR in Japan.


Yes, Virginia, you can create a QR code that is not boring and Twi-QR.com just made it easier.  Still in beta and they charge an arm and a leg for a higher quality version, but heh, if you MUST have it on a billboard, ya gotta do whacha gotta do!  Scan our QR code to follow on Twitter.

iPad Cash Register: Is retail the killer app for iPad?

Grand Central Coffee Shop in NYC Getting iPad Cash Register

by Chris Herbert

Joe The Art of Coffee, in Grand Central Terminal (NYC), sells coffee like many other people but starting next week, coffee drinkers will be paying for it much differently. They’re installing an iPad Point-of-Sale device, or cash register, via ShopKeep.com.

ShopKeep.com is testing an iPad Point-of-Sale device designed for coffee shops, bakeries or specialty retail shop with less than 150 items. It prints receipts and opens the cash drawer like a standard register, except its form factor takes up very little space. The “register” also transmits sales to ShopKeep’s web-based BackOffice so that managers can track real-time sales and manage inventory, run reports and export their sales data.

I love this! The iPad is poised to become the killer app for the ultimate consumer experience. With Apple’s NFC patent (see http://bit.ly/eRkErh) the future is almost here. Just imagine this scenario:

Clerk: Hi can I help you?

Me: Yea, I’m looking for xyz in size W. [ I show her my QR code of the item that I scanned from a magazine. She scans it with her iPad 2 with the camera]

Clerk: [ Her iPad app shows her exact location on floor ] Ah, right over here. Would you like to see what it looks like on you? 

Me: Sure! 

Clerk: [ She launches the Augmented Reality (AR) app that records a video of me virtually wearing item xyz then shows me the movie ] What do you think?

Me: I don’t know. I think it makes my butt look big. Let me ask my Facebook fascionista friends. [ We “bump” devices for me to get the private url of the AR movie she just made of me.  I post it to Facebook then keep browsing the store.  My iPhon beeps with the 4 comments on my fashion  dilmema.  Survey says, butt looks smasshing! ] I’ll take it!

Clerk: K, just touch your iPhone on this box. [ I put my iPhone next to a box on her iPad that instantly charges my Apple iTunes credit account, she puts in in a bag then I’m off! ]

Nice eh???