What would you do? Would you accept Eko’s Foursquare friend invite?

This is a great example of what NOT to do and proves that quality is much better than quantity when it comes to social media.


Eko’s stats:

0 checkins

0 days out

13,045 friends(?!)

Why, WHY would anyone accept a friend request like this.  Especially from Indonesia when you live in the US!

How the H*** did he find me?

Top 5 Developer Questions About HTML5, Answered

Top 5 Developer Questions About HTML5 Answered


Paul Gubbay is vice president of engineering for design and web at Adobe. He has spent the past 25 years working in the software industry with a specialized focus on creative and web professional tooling and solutions.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about HTML5 and confusion about what it is, what can be done with it today, the best way to learn it, etc.

With so much hype in the marketplace, I wanted to tackle the questions we hear most from creative professionals who want to take advantage of HTML5 but are unsure about how to get started.

Read the whole story via mashable.com

This is a great rundown for those wanting to get started w/ HTML5. Straightforward, simple and easy to understand!

THE greatest CSS roundup EVER! Thanks @jojototh

Most Useful CSS Galleries Sorted by Google PR – Webdesign Gallery Week

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In today’s article from the “Webdesign Gallery Week” series, we will look at the most useful CSS showcase galleries. What makes them most useful is their search/sorting features – some of them let you search by colors, by layouts, by categories. And as a bonus they all are sorted by Google PR and current Alexa rating.

Really nice round up of CSS Galleries sorted by Google PR.

Get out your iWallet? Looks like iPhone will double as an RFID tag reader!

Apple Patent: iPhone Display May Double as an RFID Transponder


Patently Apple first noted Apple’s NFC patent trend back in late 2009. Then the patent downpour arrived in April and May of 2010 which covered everything from embedding NFC/RFID technology into home appliances and devices right on through to the iWallet. But a European patent filing of Apple’s that was published late last week provided us with a little background. It appears that Apple’s work on bringing this technology to the iPhone and iPod touch actually began right after the iPhone debuted in 2007. Today’s report covers this patent which discusses using a cellphone (iPhone) and Audio/Video Player (iPod touch) as both an RFID tag reader and a tag. At the heart of this patent, Apple states that “the RFID antenna could be placed in the touch sensor panel, such that the touch sensor panel could now additionally function as an RFID transponder.” This is the technology that could be at the heart of Apple’s future iWallet and iKey.

Is this the precursor of all things Apple? This patent looks like they are preparing to couple this with their iWallet technology that allows for transactional taps. Should Square be listening for footstep? Or does it make them an easy aquisition?